Boat antifouling and hull cleaning services.

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Pittwater Marine offers a complete antifoul removal and protective coating system, using our environmentally friendly processes, to suit your vessel’s condition, keep it looking great and running at full efficiency.

Our hull cleaning specialists are able to antifoul all boat types including timber, alloy and fibreglass hulls. Additionally, we have a proven paint system we use for keels, sail drives, props and shafts.  We can remove years of anti-foul build-up and re-apply with an approved paint system suited to your hull.

Why anti-fouling and hull cleaning is important.

Hull cleaning is possibly one of the most important maintenance tasks boat owners should undertake.  Not only does hull cleaning preserve and protect your boat but it can significantly increase operating efficiency thereby reducing fuel costs and engine load.


  • A clean hull means the boat moves through the water more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption.
  • The level of vibration in the running gear is reduced.
  • Engine overheating is prevented as intakes are unblocked.
  • Whilst on the slipway for hull cleaning, problems can be detected and rectified, keeping your vessel in good condition and working order.

Importantly, the more regularly your hull is cleaned, the more cost-effective it is.  Hulls that present to us with a lot of marine growth take significantly longer to clean than a vessel that is maintained regularly.

How often should a boat hull be cleaned?

The regularity of hull cleaning differs from boat to boat and is, typically, reliant upon how often it is used. The more often a boat is used, the less frequently hull cleaning needs to be done because regular use keeps marine growth (algae, shells, weed, etc) at bay.  When a boat is sitting for a long period of time unused, the conditions are perfect for marine growth to increase.